Steps to volunteer

Complete online volunteer orientation available on demand

1. Complete online volunteer orientation available on demand

Attend our empowered volunteer training

2. Attend our empowered volunteer training

Complete an application

3. Complete an application

To volunteer on any of our teams, it is a requirement to attend our Empowered Volunteer Training. They are held in a variety of locations throughout the year. This training will equip you to live missionally and fight the injustice of human trafficking by giving you practical skills to lead, love, and serve the marginalized.

Volunteer opportunities
with Harbour Hope:

1. Administrative Team

The administration team focuses on providing direct support to all the teams. This involves a variety of administrative duties.

Communications Team

2. Communications Team

The communications team for our Harbour Hope plays a vital role in spreading awareness and gathering other people to join the mission of ending human trafficking and supporting survivors. They craft email and written communications, manage social media outreach, handle photography and design work, and engage with our supporters, ensuring that our message of hope and empowerment reaches a broader audience.

Community Awareness

3. Community Awareness

The Community Awareness Team provides presentations on the dangers of human trafficking; how to recognize and report the signs of human trafficking. In addition, this team represents Harbour Hope at a variety of community events related to anti-trafficking efforts.

4. Events

The Events Team organizes, plans, and executes events designed to cultivate, recognize, and educate current and prospective donors and volunteers by hosting a variety of fundraising and community events throughout the calendar year. This fosters community awareness, gives opportunities for introductory volunteer opportunities, and provides fundraising support to the various programs of Harbour Hope. This team is looking for those that enjoy the many facets of putting on events.

Leadership Program

5. Leadership Program

The Leadership Development program is designed to give survivors a safe place to share their experiences and learn to use their voices in a way that allows them to feel heard and empowered.

Through this program, survivors learn to develop healthy habits for leading themselves and others, articulate their core values and develop their personal mission statement, ultimately leading them to accomplish their goals and achieve their dreams.

Life Skills Coaching

6. Life Skills Coaching

Through our Life Skills Coaching Program, participants engage with different modules that target aspects of their physical, emotional, and spiritual selves. We hope that participants will find opportunities for personal growth and development through our core curriculum of classes including Financial Literacy, Workplace Preparedness (Computer Skills; Job Interview Skills; Resume Writing Skills), Parenting, Health & Nutrition, Fitness and Movement, Spiritual Enrichment, and a variety of fun hobbies.

Mentorship Program

7. Mentorship Program

Our Mentorship Program provides mentoring relationships to those who have been trapped and exploited in the commercial sex industry, who feel forgotten and unloved, an opportunity for support and encouragement on their journey toward self-sustainability.

Each survivor is paired with a team of two mentors who have the heart to walk alongside them as they transition into independent living. Mentors model healthy boundaries and healthy bonding all while providing a good sounding board. This powerful relational connection is ultimately what brings about the greatest measure of hope and healing.

Prayer Team

8. Prayer Team

The Prayer Team provides support to the overall organization of Harbour Hope through prayer. This team will hold monthly prayer gatherings to lift the various needs of the ministry (survivors; volunteers; donors; community partners; church partners; and corporate partners).

They will also coordinate quarterly touches (calls, notes, letters) to encourage and support the various partners of Harbour Hope.

Together, we can make a difference

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